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Does it hold more than 4 keys?

Yes, it comes with one set extension posts to hold up to a total of 8 keys. With each set of extension posts, you can add another 4 keys.

Does it hold less than 4 keys?

Yes, you will have to add a spacer in place of a key. Spacers come included.

When using the bottle opener blade, will it dull the edge?

No, it has a flat point where the bottle cap will rest on.

What if I have a bigger car key?

There is a loop attachment for a bigger car key or lanyard.

Will dropping my Mini Q chip the keys like other key holders?

No, all keys are housed inside the body.

Is the Mini Q Patented?

Yes, Quiet Carry's intellectual property is protected - we have currently filed multiple patents. Quiet Carry has 2 USA and/or foreign patents pending.