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Knife: The Drift

It is an amazing knife, with incredible fit and finish. But the thing that really stood out - the design is absolutely spectacular. It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful in the hand, and it works beautifully. Even the smallest details - the thumb studs, the screws, the pivot - are finished beautifully. The knurling is amazing, but the stone-washed side is just as pretty. You've absolutely knocked it out of the park, and you should be incredibly proud of this work. I know I would be. Thank you for making this incredible knife, and giving a bunch of us the privilege of owning it. I can't wait to see where Quiet Carry goes from here.



Knife: The Drift

I have the Drift that I bought based off of what I could see on the site. Turns out it was much better than I thought it would be. Super thin and light for an all-metal construction. Premium steels and a nice, timeless design. Fit and finish is awesome.



Knives: The Waypoint, The Drift, The Chase

My name is Brent and I am an avid knife enthusiast. I served in the U.S. Army and can give a knife a run for its money. I live in Florida and purchased your g10 waypoint and g10 drift and also the 20cv chase, all I can say is wow, wow and wow…… These are hands down 3 of my favorite knives in a vast collection of some that are 3 times the price. You guys put out wonderful knives that are built to last with top of the line materials. Please continue to make these awesome useful tools and products. You have a fan from my end and you really have my attention. Thanks for making great knives that perform way above their weight class. Bravo you guys, bravo. If anyone else is reading this know this, “if you don’t have quiet carry on your radar you should because your really missing out!!” and that’s all that needs to be said.



Knife: The Current

The Current is awesome 🙌 I’ve used mine on camping trips, fishing trips and around the house. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about it rusting if I forget to clean it. 👌🏻



Knife: The iQ

Already chose the black and I have to admit, that excellent little guy rides perfectly as a secondary knife - hardly know it’s there!! Great product!! Thanks 🙏 


Richard S.

Knife: The Waypoint

 I love this knife. It carries fantastic and the action is great. The blade's stonewash finish is beautiful and sharp!



Knife: The Waypoint

Great EDC. The Quiet Carry Waypoint is a fantastic knife. It is made from great materials and is an ergonomic delight. The action is smooth and the blade is a slicer. Fit and finish is excellent and carries great. I collect knives and the Waypoint it on the short list of my favorites. It is a perfect size for EDC. Highly recommended!


New York

Knife: The Waypoint

Just felt the need to follow up with a huge thank you. The knurled waypoint arrived and it’s beyond awesome. It’s perfect, smooth and gorgeous. I’m just blown away and couldn’t possibly be happier. I wasn’t sure if I would like the knurling but I absolutely love it - so much so that I will definitely be replacing my drift with a knurled version. Thank you so much!


Mike R.

Knife: The Eddy

I've had one of these for a while now. The blade steel goes through cardboard like a hot knife through butter and really holds an edge. The Eddy is small, light and sharp enough to shave with if you wanted to. Best of all, the materials are as good, or better than in very expensive pocket knives like those made by Chris Reeve but The Eddy is only a quarter of the price.



Knife: The iQ

 Great action, function, feel, and look. Zero faults with this knife.


Rich R.

Knife: The Drift

Got one with a stonewashed handle and satin bade. Excellent quality. Compares well to my Chris Reeves Small Sebenza 31, a classic. Good hydraulic feel. Highly recommend.


Michael B.

Knives: The Waypoint, The Pilot

Hands down the best knives I’ve owned! I have the waypoint as my everyday carry and the pilot fillet knife for all of my fishing and hunting needs! As an outdoorsman these are essential tools of the trade. They are an absolute must have in your collection!!



Knife: The Waypoint

I’ve been a fan/buyer of Quiet Carry knives for some time now. Excellent quality and extremely useful knives. If I ever have a question or comment, they are quick to reply and assist me. My favorite carry is the Waypoint (followed closely by the drift). I have several knives I lay out to rotate into my everyday carry but I always grab my Quiet Carry Waypoint. If you are on the fence about these knives, I strongly recommend trying them out.


Giovannelli F.

Knife: The iQ

The IQ from quiet carry is try an exquisite mechanical marvel. The blade slides, clicks, locks and handles like a dream. Non like it!! I’m quite picky and love only the best… do I recommend? Absolutely!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. You won’t believe it until you have it on hand. You won’t be able to take your hands off of it!



Knife: The Waypoint

Purchased a Quietcarry waypoint in the blue g10 version from the website and couldn’t be more satisfied. If it’s ever raining outside, I know I can always grab it and the vanax super clean is good to go no matter what! Proud to call it my everyday in every way!! Great stuff from Quietcarry!



Knife: The Drift

Quiet Carry is one of my favorite knife companies. I have owned 3 different versions of The Drift. Each one was centered, had perfect detent, and the fit and finish on them was immaculate. The knife is meant for the elements and has lived up to it’s purpose. I have left this knife in water, salt and fresh water, and didn’t clean it for months. There was absolutely no rust and the knife still had very smooth action upon disassembly. Which brings me to another great aspect of the knife, the ease of taking it apart. There are very few bits, which means disassembling the knife is a breeze. I highly recommend The Drift or any of the salt water series knives by Quiet Carry. You won’t be disappointed.


The Collective Kuen

Knife: The Drift, The Waypoint

Quiet Carry makes my favorite knives I’ve experienced, and their service is fantastic! With some of the best blade to handle ratios on the game, the Drift and Waypoint are outstanding designs, well executed. Both of these models are aesthetically appealing and very pocket friendly, as well as being completely corrosion resistant. The Drift is my favorite folding pocket knife (🐐), followed by the waypoint, always looking forward to carrying them and miss them when I’m carrying anything else. I should probably just let go of everything else. I love them so much I picked up a Drift and Waypoint for my son, who has admired them and wanted his own.



Knife: The iQ

Recently purchased the iq (carbon fiber) and couldn't be happier! It's a very usable, small, unobtrusive knife. The quality is 100% there! Will definitely have to check out the Waypoint at sometime soon!