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Quiet Carry ONLY SELLS on 

We do not sell on Ebay, Amazon, third party websites. There are counterfeits sold on other websites. 

Check used product dealers for reputation and credibility. If a new or used dealer reaches out to you on any social media platform and claims they have a brand new authentic Quiet Carry Product on offer "we have these in stock". Again please check these dealers for credibility. 

Check all details. Counterfeits do indeed have our 4 dot logo/signature so they appear very similar, but often materials, machining quality, hardware do not match.  Materials and material thickness as well. Our wire clips are specific to our specs and counterfeits are not likely to match. 

Please reach out if an item is in question. Please send a link. We will do our best to help. 

Items/item we have seen counterfeits of first hand is the Drift, Q3 and Bandit.