Quiet Carry

Quiet Carry is a small independent company working with local machine shops. We create  unique everyday carry products that embrace the California outdoor culture. Each product has the perfect balance of minimalistic aesthetic and utmost functionality simply because we find it natural and practical. 

We believe that knives are more than just knives...they should bring back good memories. We use the best quality materials that undergo the most stringent process, in order to make sure that our products last.  As true knife enthusiasts, we have a strong passion to make them our own. These are the knives we carry ourselves for everyday tasks. Our knives are tools that are designed to be used.

The Ti Mini Q is our first product. It combines your keys and knife for a minimalist EDC solution. The Mini Q key organizer is the ultimate everyday carry for your everyday journeys. Be sure to get yours here.

We appreciate all the support for 2016!
The good news for the New Year, we have out grown the garage and are currently in the process of manufacturing our products on a larger scale for 2017
All out of stock items will be available spring 2017
Thank you for your patience!