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Titanium - is light weight with a high strength-to-density ratio. It offers an extremely high resistance to corrosion and will not conduct or retain cold. 



G10 - is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate that is hard a durable. It known to be extremely strong and resistant to chemicals. We offer a smooth textured finish. 



Resin - each handle is hand poured to achieve a unique patten. Then pressurized for stability. A durable material that is one-of-kind and lightweight. The finish is smooth with a micro line finish that is not visible. It adds a micro texture that aids in grip.



Carbon Fiber - is a polymer and is sometimes known as graphite fiber very strong and light weight.





Black PVD is a smooth matte black finish that is durable. It is a vapor process coating which nearly becomes part of the titanium. It is hard and has excellent abrasive wear resistance. It will show a wear patina overtime however It will never flake off.

Stonewashed to achieve our color, smoothness, and pattern we use a 3 step process. This a good working finish.

Satin we use a multiple step processes using 2 media types to achieve a durable fine satin finish



Semi-Polish we a use an elaborate tumbling process to achieve a semi-polish look that is very smooth to the touch. Although smooth with a little luster we find it to patina very well. 




We use high quality blade steel that is suited for the task at hand. 



We use Japanese AUS-8a it will withstand rust very well and sharpens easily. We find it to be a balanced steel. We use in on the Bandit ti micro knife that is great for opening boxes, plastic packages and small everyday tasks. It has good corrosion resistance and low maintenance. It can be stropped to a ken edge fairly quickly.


Carbon .75%

Silicon 1%

Chrome 13.5 % 

Manganese .50%

Molybdenum .20%

Vanadium .15%



We use Bolher D2 tool steel. It is know to have a high wear resistance/edge-holding ability which makes for a great EDC blade steel. We use it primarily on the Strand and West

It is an Austrian steel that is a high carbon and high-chromium steel. Particularly  due to its strength and durability, K110 has excellent characteristics for a blade steel that is tough. Although high in carbon and technically not considered a stainless steel as it falls just under the composition requirement. K110 is not easily oxidized or corroded. However ideally you will want to keep it dry. If not dry in our experience a little oil will go along way. 


Carbon 1.55%

Silicon .30%

Chrome 11.30 % 

Manganese .30%

Molybdenum .75%

Vanadium .75%



N690 Bohler Steel is extremely fine grained creating a blade that will retain its sharpness even with a fine edge. N690 resists deterioration and corrosion such as rust caused by external elements like humidity, moisture and even salt. This a great all around steel that offers edge retention, good stain and corrosion resistance, hardness with added toughness. We use it on the Chase.


Carbon 1.08%

Silicon .40%

Chrome 17.30 % 

Manganese .40%

Molybdenum 1.10%

Vanadium .10%

Cobalt 1.50%


ELMAX SUPERCLEAN by Uddeholm of Sweden

ELMAX is a powder metallurgy steel that has a very high wear and excellent corrosion resistance. We harden Elmax to 60-61 HRC resulting in a blade that has an excellent edge holding ability as well as high-impact resistance. We are big fan of ELMAX and it is one of our favorite steel. We use it on the iQ EDC knife making a daily task knife that can go the extra mile. 


Carbon 1.7%

Silicon .8%

Chrome 18 % 

Manganese .30%

Molybdenum 1%

Vanadium 3%


More to come...