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We guarantee all of our products against defects for the original owner. If you find an issue under normal use, we will repair or replace your Quiet Carry product. What's not eligible for replacement

Our warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear, incorrect usage, neglect, abuse, or modifications. See below:

  • A loose screw.  All hardware, including pivot, clip, or body that has loosened over time is considered normal wear-and-tear. For maintaining your EDC gear a T8 driver or T6 driver is required to tighten the screw. 
  • Cosmetic damage. Any scratch, finish trails, or coating that will naturally wear is not considered a defect
  • Custom parts or modifications. Non stock clips and thumb studs that are installed on a knife and have resulted in damageAny use of a third party component.
  • Dis assembly damage. Any functional failure, damage to screws, or cross threaded part due to dis assembly. Including but not limited to lock bar removal or lock bar insert removal. We can't be held responsible for how it goes back together again. However, we are here to help.
  • Damage caused by excessive use. This is referring to any aggressive action such as slamming blade open or closed, rapid opening, swatting blade open with excessive force. Our knives are designed to be opened and then used as a cutting tool.
  • Blade or clip damage. Tip breakage, chips, or scratches are not covered under warranty. We do not recommend any prying with any knife. Normal wear-and- tear is not covered including clip damage from snagging or contacting a stationary object such as steering wheel, seat belt, or chair etc.
  • Upgraded Models. We are continuously upgrading or creating new versions of our products.  However, we do not offer trade in's or exchanges under any circumstance.
All of our products go through a thorough quality inspection before a shipping label is placed on a package and sent off.